June 12, 2014


The instruments used in Cardiomed are derived from already medical devices existing on the market. Most of these sensors or their previous models have been flown onboard MIR and/or the Shuttle.

Benefit of experience gained during these operations are obviously taken into account. So, for some of them, we have increased the scientific performances and we have implemented the modifications for a safe use in the ISS environment.

Whenever possible, we try to conduct these development or adaptation with a spin off will. We give in the forthcoming lines a short functional description of them.

CARDIOMED partOperational modeAcronym Comments
CardiopresStationnaryCDPBContinuous Blood Pressure acquisition, Beat ECG (1 to 12 leads derivations), breathing pattern measurements.
ECG holterAmbulatoryHLTE24 hours ECG full stripes recording
Blood pressure holter (ABP)Ambulatory/StationnaryHLTASystolic, Diastolic and Mean Blood Pressure measurements.
Portable DopplerStationnaryPDOPMain arteries Blood velocities measurements up to three channels at a time. 2Mhz, 4Mhz and 8Mhz PW probes.
Air plethysmographStationnaryAPLTProvides limb volume variations against venous occlusion.