June 12, 2014

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2011: Cardiomed mission is operational since September 2010 after a six-month in-flight commissionning on board the ISS.

Data are archived at CADMOS. Measurement sequences are regularly scheduled since then.

Cardiomed data are available on SIPAD

03/2010: Discover the video of the integration of CARDIOMED instrument in the Russian medical rack

It is an illustration of the work on board the International Space Station. The video is in Russian but the images are universal. Its duration is 2mn54. (WMV format)

02/09/2010: Cardiomed to take the pulse of cosmonauts

The Cardiomed suite of biomedical instruments developed by CNES have been set ut in the International Space Station. It will primarily used by Russian and French physicians to monitor the evolution of the cosmonauts' cardio-vascular system all along their mission.

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02/05/2010: Dock to International Space Station

02/03/2010: Successful launch of the PROGRESS 36P with CARDIOMED experiment

09/2008: System final delivery by CNES to russian part

09/2008: Cardiomed global medical tests in Moscow

04/2008: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI2) in Moscou (MV: BC, PDOP, CDPB, HLTA)

03/2008: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI1) in France (MV: APLT, HLTE)

01/2007: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI2) in Moscou (MQ: APLT, HLTE)

11/2006: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI1) in France (MQ: APLT, HLTE)

10/2006: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI2) in Moscow (MQ: BC, PDOP, CDPB, HLTA)

06/2006: Franco-russian commissioning (PCI1) in France (MQ: BC, PDOP, CDPB, HLTA)

Angers' CHU at the bedside of the cosmonautes
News published in Ouest-France 10-11 june 2006