June 12, 2014

Cardiopres Instrument (CDPB)

CARDIOPRES is a stand-alone, battery-operated, portable instrument with 3 measurement functions:

  • continuous finger blood pressure wave, using a finger cuff (200 Hz),
  • Surface ECG, using a combination of electrodes on 1 up to 7 derivations at different sampling rates (200 Hz - 500 Hz - 1000 Hz),
  • change in chest circumference, using 1 or 2 respiration belts (20 Hz).

This device measures and records waveforms for the mentioned functions and derives:

  • from pressure waveform: beat to beat systolic, diastolic and mean pressure, pulse rate...
  • from ECG derivations waveforms: the R-peak time, RR interval, QRS and ST segment parameters,
  • from chest circumference waveform: index of onset expiration and inspiration phase and respiratory rate.

It is manufactured by BMEYE Netherlands.